03 March 2010

my cup is filled

Last week I was asked by a friend about our next adoption payment. I told her about extra work Kevin was doing and that was helping us..but I didn't give her much concrete in terms of an answer.

Really, I didn't have much more to say on it. It's because I wasn't worried about it. When I left her - she likely puzzled by my answer - I felt oddly puzzled too. It wasn't until after that I realized that I had a peace that things were going to work out if they were meant to be. What a wonderful gift that is.

And it held true. We discovered today that we received a grant which will help with some of our adoption payments. :) I almost can't believe it myself.

I am so thankful.


Steven and Rhonda said...

Reading this gets me choked up, excited, and in awe of the way He provides. I'm so thankful for this for you!

Dana said...

That was me...I guess they signed in to our computer, sorry

Lisa said...

That's so awesome Deb!!

deborah said...

no sweat Dana! I was wondering who Steven and Rhonda were! :)

thanks Lisa! We're SO pumped.

The Nieboer News said...

YAY!!! Such amazing news!!