29 May 2010


I've been admiring some photos from Pioneer Woman's latest photography contest "Coming Home". Here's a link to the latest batch submitted. I found myself getting teary looking through them - it's worth even checking out the previous 3 groups of coming home photos too. I couldn't imagine picking a 'winner' out of many of those photos! They all catch quite a moment(s).

Totally unrelated to adoption, but I found myself thinking of 'coming home' with our little one...and what that picture would look like. And that makes me teary too.

15 May 2010


menat to post this sooner..but I hadn't got around to it until now...

Some good news...
our approval arrived. :)
I am SO thankful.

Our agency may make us redo some paperwork - even though we're going to be re-doing it (again) next year.
I am praying they won't make us.

And now we wait some more.

10 May 2010

my Mother's Day

My heart was in my throat yesterday...

I am SO thankful for my little ones
yet I couldn't stop thinking that I have another *one*
out there
in this paper-pregnancy
and I want this pregnancy to hurry up
so I can meet & love & cherish
my little one
as I do my others

04 May 2010

lame-o but an update

Still waiting for our approval letter.
I'm almost tempted to put up a ticker for that.
um, I'm kidding.

And I didn't win the necklace in the previous post. I checked them out again online, thinking one would make a lovely Mother's Day gift...however, they are a bit much for our budget. Right now, I'd be more than happy with the sun and double digit temperatures on Mother's Day. seriously.

Besides that, not much is new....how 'bout with you?