15 April 2013

It's been approximately 1, 612 days since we started this journey.  

we are so antsy

We believe we're close..so close...a referral almost within reach. 
Maybe our hope is getting the best of us, as truly, we don't know... it could be a while longer yet.

Please pray for us...for our future child...for paperwork to move quickly....that we may hear of a referral for us...soon.

25 September 2012

bumping along....

The silence on this blog is quite deafening.  
I do think about this little place on occasion...

So our big plan was to get our paperwork all re-done in the spring.  I gave myself (what I thought was) a realistic goal of getting it all sent off by our vacation in July.  
July came...we were so close to finish.   One signature was all that was left.  
As I went to get the paper signed, we found out we needed to get a whole new homestudy done.  

Roadbump again.  I almost laughed.
I wondered what would be next.  

The summer slips by.
A phone call confirms that our homestudy is lost in the mail.  

Nothing could possibly surprise me at this point.

September shows up, along with the new homestudy.
A spelling error...another little bump.
We just keep plodding along this road, riding the bumps along the way.

and thankfully now, it's all done - been sent off.

And back to waiting...and praying for no more bumps.

30 May 2012

Let's hope it's the last run

Yikes...it's been a long time since I've been on here.

The past year has flown by - I'm thinking mostly due to homeschooling, which has now wrapped up for the summer. The timing of school ending was perfect as we've started up with updating all our documents *again*. We purposely delayed in doing this because we really don't feel like redoing ALL the paperwork if we can avoid it, and we figured that procrastinating until closer to a potential referral time may help prevent that.

 So here we are again.
With fingers crossed.

 Since we moved at the beginning of last summer, we haven't had our social worker in for updating our homestudy. We met with her this week and will be going through those papers with her in the next few weeks. In the meantime we will also focus on collecting more of the papers we need - bloodwork, letters, photo collage, etc. My personal goal is to have all documents gathered, notarized, and submitted sometime mid to late July, barring no hiccups on the way.

 And that about sums it up for the time being.

06 August 2011

acceptance & hope

I realize my lack of posts may leave some wondering. I guess I am in the same place too. I hesitate to write when there is nothing 'positive' to write about. I don't want our journey to be a negative one - or to be remembered that way. So I avoid altogether. (sometimes is a pattern in my life - avoidance).

Truthfully though, we are in a somewhat contented, but more so, accepted, place of waiting. We know that we are still a ways off before hearing any possible referral news for us. For this reason, we've also been avoiding updating documents - even though our agency would like us to - I'm trying to be sensible & realistic about it.

My heart is filled with joy when I hear of others' referrals and court passing and coming home. Though it leaves me with longing, I'm thankful that those children will be loved in their forever home, and it gives me hope. God can still move mountains and make this happen for us. Even if we have to wait.