24 February 2010

time to shake it up

Yup. I'm feeling bored. If you're still reading this blog you are likely bored too; you may be yawning. Maybe even sleeping.

Creativity isn't my strong suit, but I am going to think of something to shake this up. Add some excitement here. Don't know how or what, but I'll be thinking. Liven it up.

In other words, embrace the wait. And make the most of it.

22 February 2010

book review

I finished reading Successful Adoption last week.

I was quite wowed by how thorough the book is - seriously, it covered everything about adoption including various options...to paperwork...to tips on what/how to pack for travel. You name it.

It was very thorough in describing the adoption process (both domestic and international) from start to finish. As someone who has been (and is still) foraging through the process, it sure made things clear. Impressive. However, written by an American, it naturally outlined this process for a US adoption. This is SO much different than for Canada and I found myself starting to skim through those areas as most of that information didn't pertain to me. Though I do think that a Canadian version of the same book would be wonderful.

I loved reading the personal stories scattered throughout the book. They were varied - from non-legal adoption to domestic to international. Of course, reading these kinds of stories are so heart-warming. Other peoples perspectives and positive experiences, especially with adoptions are always smilers - a nice touch in the middle of mind-numbing adoption details.

My only other *issue* with the book if I may call it that, is that it mostly focussed on adoptions in the US (domestic), China, and Russia - very little on Africa. Another area that I couldn't relate to.

In all, it was well-written, easy to read/understand, FULL of information. This would be an excellent resource for a US citizen considering adoption.

19 February 2010

not yet...

We haven't told our girls yet. I had to bite my tongue this morning on the way to the bus when Kazia was asking me for another baby, well, more like convincing me. It isn't the first time I've heard this. Kazia and Neve have been asking for a while now, but I tell them it's up to God. (that's my cop out)

They've heard the word 'adoption' many times throughout the past couple of years. It has meshed into our regular vocabulary - so much so, I once caught Kazia playing Polly Pockets who were adopting. My heart smiled, even though at the time she didn't quite get the concept.

But I just don't feel the timing is *right* yet. Partly I feel it is somewhat torturous to include the kids in our sometimes seemingly never-ending journey...
and I don't feel like answering the "are we there yet?" question every day.
I want them to understand when we do explain it to them (though I do sense Kazia is getting closer to that point).

Simply, I want it to be closer to fruition.

I am looking forward to telling them. :)

And sometimes I can't wait.

11 February 2010

tick, tock

Some times I wonder about our season of waiting.

Is there something we should (or will) be doing? Is it meant to grow closer together? Or for me to grow and develop personally? Or a time for our family to mature in order to welcome another one? Or even a time to prepare the physical things we need?

One thing I do feel is that when we receive our referral, the timing will have been *perfect* and that our child was divinely hand-picked for us. I have that reassurance.

And in the meantime, I am keeping my eyes, ears, and heart open to whatever may come.

I feel as though there is a purpose to our wait...I am waiting on that too.

05 February 2010

wish I could go

There are times when I wish I lived back in Thunder Bay. This is one of them. How fantastic would it be to go there - only a few hours away! And the speakers look good too.

As an aside, while browsing their site, I noticed that there are no Canadian churches involved. Hmmm, food for thought...

04 February 2010

latest aquisition

While we sit in our season of waiting, I can focus on thinking, collecting, researching, or basically anything that makes me think of anything but the wait......books.

To add to my ever-increasing pile of books is this one:
Successful Adoption by Natalie Nichols Gillespie.

Although it looks as though there is a lot of info in it for people who are at the very beginning stages or contemplation stage of adoption, I am sure there are some nuggets of info that I can glean from it. I'll have to let you know when I get to it!