05 March 2010


I follow the Christian Alliance for Orphans blog, which is called Orphan's Matchbox. Their latest post on the Haitian ongoings was quite disturbing. Here is a short snippet from the brief article.

The nine year-old orphan had been raped by multiple men.

After taking her to the hospital, Esperandieu was told by the nurse that the rape of a child, especially an orphan, is now a “common event” that she sees daily…

This kind of thing, though perhaps some may consider 'common' after such happenings in a country, is to me, so unbelievably heart-wrenching. It is seemingly impossible to reach a solution; it seems to be an ongoing debate.

And as the article reflects on both sides of the issue, their key point (to me anyways) is so true:
It is time for the U.N. to stop presenting inter-country adoption and reunification as mutually exclusive activities.

And in the meantime I can only pray for all of Haiti.

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