22 December 2010

my secret wish

My wonderful grandmother has a love for numbers. She has been blessed with so many grandchildren and now great-grandchildren...what a better blessing to count.

Just for fun, I am number 14 out of 26 grandchildren, sharing the middle marker. 13 of her grandchildren are male, the other 13 obviously female. Her great-grandchildren have shared a similar gender battle as the numbers creep up. You can see what fun it can be...
if you share an appreciation of statistics, that is.

What is my secret wish? That our referral will be great-grandchild number 50. Today I found out that number 49 is in utero, along with numbers 47 & 48, all due June/July 2011.

It's a long shot...so I'd better get cracking on that paperwork!

08 December 2010

bring on Christmas!

I don't have the stresses about Christmas many people have...the busyness, the chaos, details.

In fact, I'm rather looking forward to the Christmas quiet.

Reason being, in the New Year, we are starting to re-do our paperwork.....again. Yes, again.

And that's been hanging over my head. It's a bit of an undertaking, so many details, decisions.
more letters

And that's what I have coming up. Bring on Christmas!