25 September 2012

bumping along....

The silence on this blog is quite deafening.  
I do think about this little place on occasion...

So our big plan was to get our paperwork all re-done in the spring.  I gave myself (what I thought was) a realistic goal of getting it all sent off by our vacation in July.  
July came...we were so close to finish.   One signature was all that was left.  
As I went to get the paper signed, we found out we needed to get a whole new homestudy done.  

Roadbump again.  I almost laughed.
I wondered what would be next.  

The summer slips by.
A phone call confirms that our homestudy is lost in the mail.  

Nothing could possibly surprise me at this point.

September shows up, along with the new homestudy.
A spelling error...another little bump.
We just keep plodding along this road, riding the bumps along the way.

and thankfully now, it's all done - been sent off.

And back to waiting...and praying for no more bumps.