30 June 2010

Canada, get on board

the problems with attempting international adoption aren't necessarily (or always) the ones that people automatically assume, like
child trafficing or the children have diseases such as AIDs

sure, these things do happen...but there are more than meets the eye

in fact, many frustrations and hold-ups arise from the government level

here's a link to a blog/site of one family's frustrations

they aren't the only ones either

time is beyond ripe for change...
c'mon Canada
step up to the plate.

17 June 2010

sign me up

I came across this news article online from today. Some interesting points that jumped out at me:

...almost five million orphans in Ethiopia - a mushrooming crisis that the government warned was "tearing apart the social fabric" of the country. The rising number of orphans has, however, raised the demand for adoptions to a record high.

We can't afford to look after every orphan," Bulti adds. "That is why adoption is one of our existing alternative child-care programmes, although it really solves the problems of just a few children." Ethiopia has strict adoption laws, but the process can be pushed through in 10-15 days if the paperwork is in order, according to Balti.

Yes, the numbers of orphans are staggering - which makes it virtually impossible for Ethiopia (or just about any other country) to financially care for so many orphans.
There are SO many kids...SO many waiting parents....yet SO much red tape. Can you even begin to imagine an adoption being pushed through in 2 weeks? Crazyness.

sign me up.

14 June 2010


I have a love/hate relationship with the Internet. Usually I am thrilled to have information available at my fingertips. And lots of it. For someone who researches things to death, this is the best thing ever.

On the other hand, I hate finding out things that I wouldn't want to know. Being naive is often a blessing, I think. (Well, maybe not to the extreme). For example, I typically avoid the news because it is usually quite negative.

One nice (and not so nice) thing about the internet and our adoption process is that we can get almost up-to-date information about the ongoings of our agency, other people's adoptions, etc. Today, while surfing the adoption sites I follow, I read about one couple's attempt to adopt from Ghana; they have returned home with empty arms, after being there for months with their two girls. My heart breaks for them. The Ethio board I like to follow hasn't had much exciting either in terms of referrals - one in the past month.

I'm thinking it's time I turn this machine off for a while.

01 June 2010


There is something weighing on my heart.

I wish we could go on two lists.

Yes, two adoption lists.

Even if it means adopting two kids.

Wouldn't that be amazing?
I don't put limits on God...
but it would take a miracle for that to happen.

Mind you, this whole process has been a miracle.