29 November 2010

I have been so encouraged. There are have been many referrals lately. I can only pray this will keep up - and your prayers are truly coveted here.

Obviously no referral for us yet, but with each one we inch up a bit closer.
And that makes my heart so happy and thankful. :)

For the few of you still following my often dreary blog (is there anyone?!), I just wanted to give a little update.

07 November 2010


Today is Orphan Sunday. I had hoped to post a neat little promo video, but alas, internet traffic rules did not allow.

Regardless, I am urging you to think about orphans today.
Remember them.
Love them.
Support them.
Pray for them.

~15 million orphans have lost both parents~
~tens of millions more are fatherless~

Please join me in defending the cause of the fatherless....

01 November 2010

2 years and waiting...

Here we go. (deep breath)
It's been 2 years of waiting now.
Each day brings us another one closer..but the end is not yet in sight.
Let's hope this next year brings some more referrals!!