25 January 2010

I'm no hero

I feel almost a bit funny writing this post. Like I'm going to be stepping on people's toes or something. This isn't meant to be critical or a rebuttal but to gently clarify.

A common misconception with adopting parents is that they're out to 'save' a child. I guess in some ways it can be looked at this way - the children are being 'saved' from living a life in an orphanage (some are really not that bad and others are worse) and instead are given a home with a loving family and with endless life possibilities.

But adoptive parents don't adopt to be a 'hero'. If we were out to simply 'save' a child (or children), our efforts would be most wisely spent funding medical programs, orphanages, schools, or missionaries. All of those could reach far more children with our dollars than it costs to bring home one child into an adoptive family; and at the same time potentially 'saving' a huge number of children from whatever ailed them. It is something I do think of when I sit back and reflect on the expense of the whole adoption process. Really, how many more children could I reach?

In my heart though, I do believe that there is a child out there who belongs in our family. One that has been chosen for us under God's all-knowing guidance. Instead of being 'saved', she will become part of our forever family, where I can simply be her mom.


Dana said...


Dana said...

I do the same things but it wasn't until I meal planned (even down to the number of crackers for snacks). It took a little while for Nik to catch on. He'd make himself a snack and I'd have missing ingredients the next day, so I'd get him to do a grocery run and he realized that every time that happened it was 25-35 buckaroos more than he had anticipated. Plus, he LOVED having new recipes and lunches every day. If I don't meal plan, suppers and lunches are usually pretty boring. But, it takes about an hour and a half /week to make a menu and a shopping list. It's work, but it's totally cut our bill down. Oh, and Nik's only request was that I scheduled for nachos or other snacky things for him some nights.