28 March 2011

update again...

Met with our social worker today. In disbelief she commented that some families just have the worst luck with their adoption and seem to hit every roadblock. (if you need clarity, she meant us) I told her not to worry, we don't buy lottery tickets. :)

I've come to a place emotionally, where my heart-rate doesn't jump or even skip a beat. (I'm thinking that'll change when we get a referral). It seems to be a safer place at this time during our eternal wait. The head of the agency popped in and casually suggested that we could switch over to the US...sure, I'd love to go on another list. (At this time I was informed that it'd be between $30-40000 for the US). Ha. Not likely to happen. Well, we're hanging on, slowly collecting our updated paperwork. And hoping that the changes in store - both locally and abroad - will keep us afloat for a while.

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elsie hiebert said...

Oh, I hope things move quicker soon. Hang in there. I like your positive attitiude.