17 June 2010

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I came across this news article online from today. Some interesting points that jumped out at me:

...almost five million orphans in Ethiopia - a mushrooming crisis that the government warned was "tearing apart the social fabric" of the country. The rising number of orphans has, however, raised the demand for adoptions to a record high.

We can't afford to look after every orphan," Bulti adds. "That is why adoption is one of our existing alternative child-care programmes, although it really solves the problems of just a few children." Ethiopia has strict adoption laws, but the process can be pushed through in 10-15 days if the paperwork is in order, according to Balti.

Yes, the numbers of orphans are staggering - which makes it virtually impossible for Ethiopia (or just about any other country) to financially care for so many orphans.
There are SO many kids...SO many waiting parents....yet SO much red tape. Can you even begin to imagine an adoption being pushed through in 2 weeks? Crazyness.

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elsie hiebert said...

I keep trying to answer the same question over and over. If there are so many orphans why is it taking so long to adopt? My frustrated 9 yr old asked me that today.

Dana said...

I just sent you an email for your other blog :) Thanks Deb!

Oh, and 'hello' to two week adoptions....wouldn't that be fabulous!

Gwen said...

I know, it's SO frustrating. So many children needing homes, so many homes open and ready. What's the hold up here??! 10 to 15 days? We can't even get it done in 10 to 15 months. Arrggh! >:(

Sorry to be a cranky crankster... some days are harder than others. But we'll get through this one too! :)

deborah said...

Dana, i've sent your invite...

Lisa said...

That would be so amazing. I bet so many more little ones would have good homes.