30 June 2010

Canada, get on board

the problems with attempting international adoption aren't necessarily (or always) the ones that people automatically assume, like
child trafficing or the children have diseases such as AIDs

sure, these things do happen...but there are more than meets the eye

in fact, many frustrations and hold-ups arise from the government level

here's a link to a blog/site of one family's frustrations

they aren't the only ones either

time is beyond ripe for change...
c'mon Canada
step up to the plate.


elsie hiebert said...

What an amazing post. i have been following this family for a while. We also have a matched child still in Ghana that we will never be able to adopt. Lucky for her and with our financial support, her mother took her back in and she is able to go to school. Not every child is so lucky.

Annet and Kirk said...

yeesh, how frustrating for the family... public servants with too much power over their perceived domain? trying so hard to do it right/by the book, they are doing it so wrong? Who knows, but it ain't right... thanks for sharing the blog!