15 May 2010


menat to post this sooner..but I hadn't got around to it until now...

Some good news...
our approval arrived. :)
I am SO thankful.

Our agency may make us redo some paperwork - even though we're going to be re-doing it (again) next year.
I am praying they won't make us.

And now we wait some more.


The Nieboer News said...

Woo HOO!! Finally, the courier stopped at your place!!!


Lisa said...

That's awesome! So what exactly does it mean to be approved? Now you wait for a match?

deborah said...

Basically what it means is that our original homestudy and any changes have been approved - the province has to give a letter of approval in order for us to adopt. We had one from before, but we had to go through and do it again. And, we'll have to update again next year and so on until yes, we finally adopt.

In other words, we couldn't move any further in the process without it....we just seem to be swimming around in paperland.

Lezlie said...

Congratulations on jumping through another hoop in paperland!